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Poems: Page 2
Compassionate Friends

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A Place to Rest

God looked down on your body,
So tired from hanging on,
From a life that was overwhelming you,
And wanted back His son.
So he took away the air you breathe,
And gave you what was best,
A place to be at peace,
A final place to rest.



In Memory of Michael Scott Lawton
April 15, 1980 - August 3, 1998

To Michael
You're free now my love
from earth's hurt and pain.
Soaring above it all,
never to be troubled again.

Your beautiful smile
and carefree facade
are seen by the angels
and the ever-present God.

A spirit you've become,
A midsummer's sunset,
a bountiful harvest of memories,
ones that we'll never forget.

Your life was too short
taken from those you loved,
to join the ranks of heaven,
to watch over us from above.

Mike, you showed us how to laugh,
you made our lives complete.
But now that laughter's faded
until once again we meet.

Your memory will live on,
a piece in all our minds.
But yet we find it so very hard
to put the pain and anger behind.

We love you and we miss you.
This has been life's hardest test.
Yet, you would want us to move on.
Goodnight sweet Michael, now you're at rest.


I Buried My Daughter Today

I buried my daughter today
My soul burns red with pain
No longer will I touch her face
Or caress her skin again

I buried my daughter today
God, what have I done wrong
To have her stolen from my arms
When my faith in you was strong

I buried my daughter today
Thank God I have another
I couldn't walk this path alone
Every breath is a struggle

I buried my daughter today
She was just a bit past three
Searing, ripping, tearing ache
My emotions overcome me

My other now a mother this eve
To God above, how I pray
These words by her not repeated
I buried my daughter today

-- Andrea Hill