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Compassionate Friends


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Recent and Upcoming Events

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We will try to keep this page updated with all our new information and events we will have going on in Paducah, so check this site frequently!

Recent Events

The Compassionate Friends of Western Kentucky has recently put out a cookbook which contains recipes from the local members and many pictures of our precious children.

The cookbook contains many wonderful, delicious, easy recipes with ingredients you already have on hand in your kitchen.
There are 28 children represented in the book, with one dedication page for each child. The dedication pages have photos and/or poems and/or favorite recipes on them.
TCF credo, sibling credo, and mission statement included, as well as approximately 25 inspirational poems to assist bereaved families in the positive resolution of grief.
There is an index where to find each child in the book, plus where to find each submitted recipe.

To order a cookbook, please contact:
Melinda Dublin
P.O. Box 5259
Mayfield, KY 42066
(270) 247-0113 (please do not call after 9pm central time)
Carol Kelley
P.O. Box 639
Wickliffe, KY 42087
(270) 335-3060

The cookbooks are $10.00 SHIPPING IS FREE
All proceeds go to benefit the Compassionate Friends of Western Kentucky


On the 2nd Sunday in December, the entire population of Compassionate Friends worldwide held a candle lighting ceremony.
Soon, this event will be permenetly added to calenders to commemerate our children.
More deatailed information on this event as they unfold.

Upcoming Events

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.