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Compassionate Friends


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Michele Diane Sallee
April 13, 1983- September 23, 2000

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Laura M. Willis

Born February 13, 1962 - Februry 8, 2001- The first birthday of her only son, Lucas will be celebrated as she would have wished.
He was born on Father's Day, June 18, 2000. Steven, the proud father was present as 3 pound 1 oz
Lucas came into the world. I am Laura's mother and my birthday is the same as Lucas' - June 18 - I turned 60 the day he was born. All went well from that day and Lucas thrived - Laura just thought she remained tired due to
high risk pregnancy and the emergency c-section birth. She died of rupture of aorta suddenly - She was in hospital being examined for symptoms they believed were gallbladder attack.


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